Hi there ♡ Welcome to my course page!

I am SO grateful that you are considering starting your crochet journey with me! 

I am a self-taught amigurumi artist. What began as a hobby has since transformed into a small business and an absolute passion.

I made many mistakes in my self-taught journey and found it quite difficult to learn without real guidance.

My goal is to save you time and effort on research, and skip right to the knowledge and fundamental skills that you need to make your own clean, beautiful creations. All of my classes are pre-recorded and entirely online so you can access them wherever you are in the world!

I hope to see you in class ♡


This course will feature creating handmade crochet plushes ranging from a bee to an octopus and a flamingo!

We will create 5 complete crochet projects together (+5 free patterns for you when you complete the course). Each project is carefully designed to ensure you learn the fundamental techniques to creating your own cute crochet creations!

This course is suitable for beginners with no experience at all to beginners with some experience. We begin from the very basics so you become familiar with the art of amigurumi, and work our way towards creating multi-part crochet projects. 

You will also get access to our private Facebook community where we encourage and help each other in our yarn art journey!

This Course Includes 8 Modules Full of 40 Videos with Indepth Explanations & Step-by-Step Tutorials

  • Learn about the art of amigurumi
  • What tools & yarn are best for crocheting plush figures
  • Crochet terms & what they mean
  • Step-by-step videos of all stitches needed for amigurumi
  • Together we will work through everything you need to be a confident crocheter
  • Create full crochet animals & figures together with indepth tutorials
  • Walk away with easy to follow amigurumi patterns & the knowledge of how to read them

What My Students Are Saying


This course is amazing! I am an absolute beginner and now feel like I have the skill to complete many projects with ease. I appreciate how the course is laid out. Each video builds upon the other. The modules are expertly taught and wonderfully designed! -Beth K


Best thing I've ever bought! Allison has taught me so much (I'm a beginner) and I feel like I have succeeded because of this course. -Britney D


I’m only a few lessons in but I’m really loving it, she explains this so clearly and goes at the perfect speed in my opinion. I definitely recommend this to beginners. I love it! -Antonia P


Thank you for doing such a great class on amigurumi. I’ve had such an easy time learning because of your excellent teaching methods! -Lee Ann S


Videos are very clear and the instructor explains every step with great detailing and patience which is extremely important and useful for beginners! -Ruba S


Allison has explained many different kind of techniques to crochet and has done it very clearly, making the learning of amigurumi so much easier and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends. Moreover, there are many amigurumi projects that she has added into this wonderful course! Thank you very much. -Shellen C

Learn How to Make These Cute Plush Creations

By the completion of this course, you will be able to create these cute beginner projects. Some we will make together and some you will be able to make with provided crochet patterns!

Learn Simple & Complex Stitches
Discover the Best Hooks, Yarn & Tools for Amigurumi

Learn all Essential Knowledge to Create Any Crochet Plush

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